Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment – 16 oz.

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Sea Foam Motor Treatment is a 100 percent pure petroleum product that safely and effectively cleans internal fuel and oil system components, helping your gasoline or diesel engine run cleaner and more efficiently. Sea Foam is an EPA-registered product, and will not harm engine components, seals, gaskets, catalytic converters or oxygen sensors. Liquefies gum and varnish deposits or internal engine contaminants, removing carbon deposits, freeing sticky valve lifters and rings, improving idle quality, pinging and hesitation problems. By using Sea Foam to eliminate varnish and carbon buildup, mechanics can more accurately diagnose mechanical problems that may exist. That is why Sea Foam has been so popular with professional mechanics for over 65 years. As a fuel system additive, Sea Foam will clean carburetors, fuel injectors, clean carbon, gum and varnish deposits, adds lubricity to fuel, stabilize fuel for 2 years and control moisture. As an oil system additive, Sea Foam controls moisture, gum, varnish and residue deposits.

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