A Better World for Our Children: Rebuilding American Family Values: Rebuilding American Family Values


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The “Grandfather” of all child-developement experts, Dr. Benjamin M Spock has been advising millions of parents worldwide about children’s physical and mental health for over 60 years. Now he feels compelled to share his deep concerns about the continuing decline in America’s system of values. Speaking from his heart, Dr. Spock may surprise readers with his “old-fashioned” advise. He believes that the deterioration in America has been caused by a fundamental loss of values. But he is cautiously optimistic that we can bring values back to our families, schools, and communities, and he explains how each of us can help> A Better World for Our Children empowers parents to influence their children’s future and lists specific activities families can do together to make a difference in their homes and neighborhoods. At 91, with his passion and spiritual fire still burning strong, Dr. Spock is not yet willing to retire. He is the author of Baby and Child Care and is one of the bestselling authors of all time.

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Chicago: Contemporary Books, Inc. 1997



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Spock, Benjamin M.